Take Care Of Your Mental Health – Simple Dos And Don’Ts

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Over the years, awareness towards mental health has been growing rapidly. More and more people are starting to recognize the importance of mental health, and are seeking out ways to improve it. Here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to taking care of your mental health.

DO – Take care of your body

Good wellbeing is not just limited to taking care of your mind. Your body and mind are tied together and taking care of both is necessary for the wellbeing of both. Exercising daily is a good way to not only stay in shape, but also helps improve mental health. Even if you can’t dedicate your time to do a full exercise routine, some simple things like taking a stroll, or keeping active in small batches throughout the day can also make a huge difference. Exercising helps produce cortisol and dopamine in the brain, which helps with maintaining good mental health.

DON’T – Bottle up your feelings and emotions

Mental health issues are stigmatized in many societies and are often looked down upon. This leads to people being afraid of opening up or seeking help. Remember, it is okay to seek help from professionals if you feel like you’re not in the right mindset, regardless of your gender. Sometimes, even opening up to close friends and family who you trust can help, but it is often advised to seek professional help.

DO – Try and connect with friends

Connecting and socializing can help alleviate many of the symptoms of certain mental health problems, improving your overall wellbeing. It is thus advised to make meaningful connections. Friends you can trust, or family members who can support you are great to have.

DON’T – Stick to toxicity

Toxicity and negativity is extremely detrimental to mental health. Whether it’s close friends and family, or online strangers on a social media site, toxic behaviour can induce stress and anxiety in people, and lead you down a spiral of negative feelings and emotions. It is a good time to try and evaluate your lifestyle choices and keep toxicity away. You’ll see an improvement almost immediately.

DO – Evaluate your daily lifestyle

A major issue that plagues society at large is often the need for validation. Social media, for example, is built around the idea of triggering the brain’s reward system to release dopamine. From likes to notifications, many people often don’t realize that they have been sucked into a lifestyle that revolves around seeking validation for even the most minor things, often on social media. It is, hence, very important to evaluate your daily lifestyle choices and pay attention to how you spend your time. This can help you manage your time a lot better. Keeping away from technology and social media can help you connect with the world better, and it can take away a lot of the stress on your body and mind.

DON’T – Give in to destructive lifestyle choices

Persistence of mental health issues can often lead to destructive lifestyle choices. From harmful substance abuse to letting go of your physical health, these choices often results in worse mental health issues. Staying active about your lifestyle choices can help you keep away from such means.

DO – Look for simple daily health and lifestyle improvements

Sometimes, simple daily changes can go a long way. Changing your diet to a healthier one, finding hobbies that make you feel better, meditation for a few minutes daily, or natural solutions like essential oils to help manage mental health better can make a huge difference. Find what best suits your needs.

Bottom line

When it comes to mental health, there can be many dos and don’ts. Taking care of your body and mind may take some effort, but simple changes in your lifestyle and paying attention to your self can help you feel positive and better. Try and avoid social media, and try to motivate yourself through positive relationships and connections. And most important, remember that it is okay to seek professional help.

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