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Body and joint pain can be caused by a number of reasons. They can be because of sore muscles from workouts or just heavy manual work, old-age, pregnancies, daily work sitting in the same positions, or just from sleeping in the wrong position.

While pain medication can certainly help, they’re not exactly good for you in the long run, and physiotherapy can be beneficial, but often have a major time commitment that may not be feasible every day for many, or may not even be effective.

With that in mind, it might be a good time to check out other natural remedies for pain management. With various essential oils having pain relief properties, we’ve selected two of the best ones, among a few other oils, to formulate the CORE & PURE Pain Buster Massage Oil – Camphor and Turmeric.

Essential oils for pain relief

Essential oils are volatile oils extracted from various plant parts, and have been used in traditional medicines since time immemorial. From anti-inflammatory properties to providing relief from headaches and body aches, many essential oils have proven to have various pain management long before western medicine started producing over the counter analgesics. That’s why many of these essential oils are found in pain-relief ointments and creams even now.

Camphor Oil

One of the main components of the CORE & PURE Pain Buster Massage Oil is Camphor oil. Camphor is an essential oil that is extracted from the bark of the camphora tree through steam distillation. It is native to Japan and also grown in many Asian countries, particularly Indonesia. Although camphor has many uses, particularly anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can help prevent infections, and congestion relief properties, it also has strong anti-inflammatory properties and help with pain relief. This is why camphor is often found in pain relief ointments and balms, and this is the reason why we used camphor oil in this blend.

Turmeric Oil

A staple for Indian cuisine, the medicinal benefits of turmeric has been known for centuries. In fact, it’s the immense benefits of turmeric that gets it classified as a superfood. The essential oils of turmeric can be extracted by a number of methods, but steam distillation and hexane extraction are some of the common methods. Of the myriads of uses turmeric oil has when it comes to topical usage, including skin-care and anti-aging solutions, turmeric’s anti-inflammatory characteristic is what makes it useful in this blend. Turmeric oil can greatly reduce joint pain and inflammation, providing relief from chronic pain and can lessen the pain of certain bone disorders. As a superfood that can not only help with pain relief, but also help give beautiful, blemish free skin, turmeric is an essential component of the CORE & PURE Pain Buster Massage Oil.

How to use the CORE & PURE Pain Buster Massage Oil?

We’ve primarily designed this oil for topical use. Here are some of the ways that you can use this oil for pain relief:

  • Relief from joint pain – Apply a few drops of this oil directly onto the join area and gently massage over the area. The oil is absorbed through the skin and provides relief immediately.
  • Muscle pain – Massaging the oil over sore or cramped muscles can help loosen them up and provide instant relief.
  • As a body massage oil – This blend is perfect for a full body massage, providing relief from any sore muscles and joint pain that you may have, helping increase circulation, and greatly reducing skin blemishes and changes of infections.

Concluding Thoughts

Essential oils are a naturally wonderful way to stay healthy and connect to your inner self. From pain relief to relieving mental health fatigue, essential oils can have a plethora of uses and it can be a great addition to any daily self-care routine. If you suffer from sore muscles and joint pains, and are afraid to let strong medications take over your life, give our CORE & PURE Pain Buster Massage Oil a try. Formulated with our 100% natural and pure Grade-A essential oils, it is a perfect natural remedy for muscle and joint pains.

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