Orange Essential Oil Is Refreshing And Uplifting

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Orange Essential Oil


Sweet Orange Essential Oil is mostly known as Orange Oil. Basically originated from Asia but now major production comes from Sicily, Israel, Spain, Brazil, Algeria, Morocco Tunisia, and USA. These oils are rich in vitamin A, B, C, minerals and flavonoids. With its versatility, wonderful aroma and affordability makes it one of the widely used Essential Oil in Aromatherapy. Orange is considered symbol of fruitfulness, and the Greek called them “Golden Apple of the Hesperides”. The god Zeus is said to have given an orange to his bride, Hera in their wedding.


The orange oil is extracted from the peel through cold pressed method. The inferior oil is extracted by the peels of orange which has been used for juice extraction. Sometimes we also find this extraction through steam distillation but are very uncommon. This oil is slightly photo synthetic in nature.



About Orange Essential Oil:


Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis

Common Name: Orange Oil

Plant Part Used: Citrus rind/peel

Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed

Colour: Pale Yellow to orange

Plant Family: Rutaceae

Aroma Strength: Medium to strong

Aroma Description: Citrus and sweet

Consistency: Thin

Chemical Composition: (+/–) Limonine, Beta Myrcene, Alpha pinenes

Orange Mixes Well with: Citrus oil, geranium, frankincense



Physical Properties:


Yield: 0.4-0.5%

Optical Rotation: 94-100

Specific Gravity: 0.84 – 0.85

Refractive Index: 1.470-1.475

Boiling Point: 177 degree celcius

Aldehyde: 0.8%-2.5%


Benefits of Orange Essential Oil


Cold and Flu – Helps in congestion on internal consumption

Blood Pressure - Helps in reducing blood pressure by few points on internal consumption

Cellulite Reduction - Detoxifies and makes wonderful compliment to massage treatment designed to reduce cellulite

Pigmentation: It helps in reducing pigmentation while using in crème and masks.

Hair: Helps in controlling oily hair condition.

Acne: Helps in reducing acne when used on skin.

Nervous Tension: It helps in removing nervous tension, depression, anxiety, controlling irregular heartbeats and uplifts mood.





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