Pain Remedy Oil for Arthritis & Joint

Heals & Cures Arthritis & Joint Problem from the Root Without Side Effects


CORE & PURE Pain Remedy is uniquely crafted with Grade-A Essential Oils. These Essential Oils penetrates quickly inside skin layers and start working from inside to outside. It helps in healing and curing Arthritis and Joint problems from within. It not only helps in reducing pain but also works on the root causes like inflammation, toxins accumulation, hormones imbalances, etc. It is a Proprietary product and comes under Ayurvedic Medicine. It is Approved under Ministry of AYUSH and Manufactured under Ayurvedic Drug License. It is Prescribed by Orthopedists to any individual who is having trouble with Arthritis, Joint Problem, Upper Back Problem, Lower Back Problem and Knee pain.

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  • Helps in Immediate Pain Relief
  • Heals and Cures Arthritis Pain from the Root
  • Heals and Cures the Joint Problem from the Root
  • Heals and Cures Upper Back and Lower Back Problem from the Root
  • Works on all Root Causes like Inflammation, Toxins Accumulation, Hormonal Imbalances, etc.

Arthritis refers to a group of over 100 different types of joint inflammation conditions that can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints. Joint problems encompass a wide range of conditions that affect the functionality and comfort of the joints, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and various musculoskeletal disorders. These conditions often lead to discomfort, reduced mobility, and a decreased quality of life. 

  • Apply generous amount over pain affected areas and massage gently, thrice a day.

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Facial cleanser
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Pain Remedy Oil for Arthritis & Joint - ₹899.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes called wear-and-tear arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common culprit in joint pain. It occurs when the lining of the joints, called cartilage, is worn down. Although osteoarthritis can damage any joint, it most commonly affects the knees, hands and hips.

  • Pain, swelling, or stiffness in one or more joints.
  • Joints that are red or warm to the touch.
  • Joint tenderness or stiffness.
  • Difficulty moving a joint or doing daily activities.
  • Joint symptoms that cause you concern.

It most commonly starts among people between the ages of 40 and 60. It's more common in women than men. Essential oils can slow down an over-active immune system and therefore reduce the pain and swelling in joints.

Pain Remedy Oil is a unique blend formulated with 100% Pure and Grade-A, Essential Oils like Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Clove and many more. These Essential Oils penetrate inside quickly and start working from inside out. This oil not only gives quick relief but also works on the root cause of the problem and helps in healing and curing the joint pain issues, arthritis pain, lower back and muscle pain issues.

Apply generous amount over pain affected areas and massage gently, thrice a day.

  • Heals and Cures Arthritis Pain
  • Heals and Cures the Joint Problem from Within
  • Treats the Root Cause of the Joint Problem

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33 Reviews


Very Effective Oil, Must try.

Nikita Gupta

Wow Product It gives relieves from joint and muscle pain. Highly recommended.

Deeksha Gupta

Very effective for arthritis pain..


Excellent product .. really helpful in pain relief.. was recommended by a friend .. but when I used it I was amazed to see it’s benefits

Priti Jain

This is very useful product which helps in reducing joint pain.

Shweta Singh

It's completely safe and effective. A great product for joint pain

Monika Yadav

Very good product for pain it gives quick relief in pain You people must also take it once.

Leesha Dhar

Very effective oil......My mother's lower back pain relief after using this oil.... Highly recommended

Khushbu Solanki

Core and pure pain relief oil mene buy kiya tha apne father k liye and its worked very well becoz isse mere father k knee pain me bahut relief mila h .. i m very happy..thank u coreand pure

Harsha Raut

Very effective oil.... It's helpful in pain relief You must gives quick relief in pain...

Swagatika Sahoo

A very good product to use for massage and to apply on joints. It gives relief on joints and help in reducing the page, overall a very nice product.

Swagatika Sahoo

A very good product to use for massage and to apply on joints. It gives relief on joints and help in reducing the page, overall a very nice product.


it really helps me to relief muscle pain . really effective ... Must buy this ♥️


Very effective oil.... It's helpful in pain relief You must try . Highly recommended to everyone.


The oil totally worked well with my skin type. With regular usage, it made my skin soft and smooth. Also its fragrance is too good. It's an oil but it still has no stickeyness and get absorbed well in the skin.

Anjali Kanjani

This oil works like a magic ! It gives you a quick relief from the pain. Great and effective must purchase it.

Pooja Dutt

All my joints pain has gone now.simply love this oil.very useful in arthritis and joint pains. Very effective and fast pain reliever.

Nikita Gupta

Its very effective. Using it since four days and have resulted best , relieves pain quickly, one can go for it ❣️

Priyanka Kanojia

Very effective product. It’s help in reducing joint pain. Highly recommended it . Must buy

Joyita Chatterjee

Product is so good so nice and beautiful pain ramidi oil is This oil is relieved of the pain shortly after massaging the oil, the pain of different types of joints is eliminated for a long time.


Pain remedy for joint pain and muscle pain very helpful and good results I m very happy to use this product very very thank u core n pure love these product


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