Let’S Discover The Aspects Of Aromatherapy Within Ayurveda

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In our previous article on Ayurveda, we briefly touched upon the topic of the three fundamental doshas or culpabilities and how aromatherapy can help balance them in a person.

Here, we explore the topic a bit more and talk about the three doshas or shortcomings, as well as some of the other aspects of aromatherapy within Ayurveda.

Do you know, according to Ayurveda, aromas can balance or disbalance the doshas?

Thus, understanding the disbalance and choosing the right aromas is an important step.

One of the three doshas, the Vata dosha, is associated with elements of air and space. Vata is what is believed to manage the movements in the mind and body, such the flow of blood, purifying toxins and evacuation of waste, breathing, and the thinking process itself. This is why it is the most crucial of the three doshas. Vata dosha can be better understood by the sum of its parts, which comprises of five types of movement – Prana Vayu, Samana Vayu, Vyana Vayu, Udana Vayu, and Apana Vayu. Each of these Vatas represent a particular part of the body and, as such, perform different functions. Collectively, however, an unbalanced Vata dosha is believed to cause many ailments, including mental illnesses.

Balancing the Vata dosha usually involves staying warm and calm. Many of the illnesses that a disbalance of this dosha causes are insomnia, anxiety, indigestion, constipation, headaches, and nutrition deficiencies.

Warm and energizing essential oils, combined with calming oils are recommended for balancing this dosha. Blends that contain oils like camphor, jasmine, sandalwood, cypress, vanilla, lavender, and ginger are perfect for balancing the Vata dosha.

The Pitta dosha comprises of the elements of fire and water. Pitta controls heat, metabolism, and transformations in the body and the mind. Because of its association with fire and heat, an unbalanced Pitta can lead to ulcers and inflammation of the skin. An unbalanced Pitt also promotes anger and jealousy. It is also associated with various digestive ailments like nausea, heartburn, and stomach infections.

Balancing the Pitta dosha requires cooling and soothing oils like sandalwood, gardenia, jasmine, mint, and chamomile. These oils can help with skin conditions as well with stomach ailments.

The final dosha, the Kapha dosha, is associated with earth and water. Kapha is what provides robustness to all things and gives the cohesiveness required to maintain form. Kapha is also associated with the movement and hydration of various bodily structures. Unbalanced Kapha leads to weak appetite, dehydration, loss in energy, and dry skin. An unbalanced Kapha can also lead to respiratory diseases, lymph stagnation, accumulation of mucus and other bodily fluids.

Warming, light, stimulating aromas like sage, pine, eucalyptus, coriander, chamomile, and lemongrass are recommended to balance the Kapha dosha.

Being one of the senses of the body, our sense of smell plays a very important role in maintaining the body’s health. Hence, aromatherapy works so well in dealing with many ailments. Aromatherapy is one of the most ancient form of medicine, and has managed to sustain over time for it’s unique healing ability that can help balance the doshas for a healthy body and mind.  

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