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Eucalyptus Grade-A, Essential Oil
Covid Care

₹ 545.00

Eucalyptus Grade-A, Essential Oil

Excellent for Respiratory System, Help in Oils Skin

₹ 495.00

Basil Grade-A, Essential Oil

Helps in Clear & Clean Skin, Promotes Healthy Metabolism, Calming & Relaxing

₹ 495.00

Cedarwood Grade-A, Essential Oil

Healthy Hair and Youthful Skin, Natural Deodorizer

₹ 975.00

LAVENDER Grade-A, Essential Oil

Relaxing & Calming, Excellent Skin Lightening Oil, Prevents Scars & Stretch Marks

₹ 995.00

Clary Sage Grade-A, Essential Oil

Healthy-looking Hair & Scalp, Calms the Skin

₹ 475.00

Peppermint Grade-A, Essential Oil

Relieves Pain, Muscle Spasms, Promotes Digestive Health

₹ 545.00

Lemon Grade-A, Essential Oil

Boost Immunity and Improves Digestion

₹ 995.00


Accomplished and Abundant Life

₹ 695.00

FOCUS Essential Oils Blend

Promotes Focus and Concentration

₹ 895.00

HAPPINESS Essential Oils Blend

Uplifting and Energizing

₹ 795.00

AtEase Essential Oils Blend

Relaxing & Calming

₹ 695.00

Disinfectant Essential Oils Blend

Kills Bacteria and Germs

₹ 1695.00

Ylang Ylang Grade-A, Essential Oil

Promotes Healthy and Glowing Face, Hair & more

₹ 475.00

Cinnamon Leaf Grade-A, Essential Oil

Boost Immunity & Digestive System, Stress Burster, Anti-ageing for Dry Skin

Frankincense Grade-A, Essential Oil
Customer Choice

₹ 595.00

Frankincense Grade-A, Essential Oil

Excellent for Anti-ageing and Skin Imperfection. Helps in Meditation

WILD ORANGE Grade-A, Essential Oil
Summer Special

₹ 495.00

WILD ORANGE Grade-A, Essential Oil

Helps in Blemishes & Purifying Skin, Promotes Immunity

₹ 545.00

Lemon Grass Grade-A, Essential Oil

Refreshing & Soothing, Helps in Oily Skin, Body Tonic

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